Site Safety Management

Dunn Co Safety LLC provides licensed site safety managers for new construction or demolition sites on major buildings. A major building is a building proposed to have any of the following characteristics:
  • Be constructed to a height of 10 or more stories
  • Be constructed to a height of 125 feet or more
  • Have a lot coverage of 100,000 square feet or more regardless of height
  • As designated by the commissioner
A site safety manager must be designated and present on the construction or demolition of major buildings as defined by and in accordance with section 3310. We have several licensed highly trained and component site safety managers with the ability to quickly fill your requirements for your project. We also provide non-licensed site safety managers. Dunn Co Safety LLC also designs site safety plans for the projects that require site safety plans. According to chapter 33, Section 3310.3 of the 2014 NYC Building Code “No permit shall be issued for the construction or demolition of a major building, or for the alteration of the facade of a major building when a sidewalk shed is required until a site safety plan that meets the requirements of Article 110 Chapter 1 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code has been approved by the Department”.


Many constructors seek proactive measures to ensure reduced workplace accidents and losses. In addition to Site Safety Management, Dunn Co Safety LLC can perform regular inspections of your project to assist you in minimizing hazards throughout the duration of your construction project. These inspections conducted by a qualified safety professional can help you to reduce or avoid potential dangers, violations, fines, or lawsuits. For more information about our site safety managers or safety inspections, please contact us using the forum below.

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