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What do I need to know about New York’s new Site Safety Training (SST) requirements?

In 2017, NYC DOB adopted Local Law 196, which created the new SST card requirement. As of March of 2018, all workers are required to have a 10 or 30 Hour OSHA card to work on most projects in New York City. By December 1st, 2019, they must complete 30 total hours of training to receive a Limited SST card (the 30 Hour OSHA class fulfills this requirement). Also by this date, supervisors must complete 62 hours of safety training to earn the Supervisor SST card. The final compliance date will be March 1st 2021, by which time workers will need 40 hours of completed training to receive the full SST card. Contact us for more information about this developing program, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Do you offer discounts for safety training courses?

At Dunn Co, we’re always building relationships. We offer discounts to frequent clients and returning students, as well as discounts for group classes.

Where are the classes held?

We have two classrooms at our office location in Long Island City, Queens, and we are always happy to organize group classes at a location of your choosing.

Do you offer classes in languages other than English?

Yes, we offer training in Spanish, Chinese, Urdu, Russian, and Polish.

What materials are used and provided during a training session?

Audio and visual materials, prop models, and hands-on training equipment are utilized, along with informational hand-outs and comprehensive booklets.

When will students receive their training completion cards?

For OSHA cards, students should allow three to four weeks from the date they complete the class. For DOB-approved training (scaffold, rigging, etc.), turn-around time is within two weeks.

How will students receive their cards?

Cards will be mailed to the address provided by the student on their registration form, unless other arrangements have been made. If preferred, cards may also be picked up from our office.

What if a student needs a replacement card?

Call or come to our office and we will process a replacement request for you. OSHA replacement cards have a fixed fee of $50, other cards can be replaced for $25. Course completion cards will not be issued if the training took place more than three years.

Do OSHA and DOB cards expire?

Officially, OSHA cards do not expire – however New York City requires you to renew your OSHA card every five years. DOB cards expire after four years.

Does my project need an approved site-safety plan?

As of November 2017, any job that requires a registered construction superintendent also requires a site safety plan, per Local Law 81.

Why get a job-site inspection?

For projects lacking on-site safety management, periodic inspections are the primary way to identify and address hazards for workers and avoid costly delays and violations.

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