Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When will the student’s receive OSHA cards?

A: The students will receive their OSHA cards after 2-4 weeks from the date they have taken the class.

Q2: How will the students receive their cards?

A: The OSHA cards will be mailed to the address provided by the students on the sign-in sheet. If the students want, they can also pick up their card from our office.

Q3: When students can not get their replacement cards?

A: Replacement student course completion cards will not be issued if the training took place more than three years.

Q4: What is the fee for replacement cards?

A: A fee is charged by the authorizing training organization to replace a course completion card. Processing and the fee is $50. It is fixed, no exceptions.

Q5: What the students will be provided in the training session?

A: Audio, video and hands on training will be utilized and hand out materials will be given to each student at the beginning of each training session. Certificates of Completion and training completion cards will also be distributed to each participant at the completion of the class.

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